Diversity In STEM Outreach Project a 501(c)(3) is based out of Atlanta, GA. Our purpose is to serve as a vital community partner in underrepresented communities of STEM career pathways. We understand that it is more critical today than ever before to develop leaders in innovation for the 21st century. To do this we must encourage earlier exposure of students to basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Our STEM curriculum fosters early spatial learning and critical thinking as a core component of early preschool program. To support children’s learning, we have to make sure that STEM starts early. Children need to be immersed in STEM learning opportunities to become fluent. These skills help children learn how to analyze information and solve problems.

Children need to build an understanding of basic concepts and how they connect and apply to the world in which they live as early as pre-school.

Introducing STEM at a younger age increases the appeal of STEM fields. Investing in STEM is not only a smart choice but we must make it easily accessible in all communities.

The Young Explorers in Science & Engineering Preschool Program is a four-week science and engineering enrichment for early learners ages 3-6 to be a fun and engaging educational experience, led by Diversity in STEM Outreach Project. Children approach the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

The four-weeks of curriculum covers environmental education & sustainability. Students learn at an early age that caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Early explorers between the ages of 3-6 have an innate love for curiosity. During this phase in their development, children have a much greater potential to learn in daycare if it provides a richer and more challenging environment for learning. Research show that less than 5 percent of classroom time in preschool involves STEM activities.

The success of our Young Explorers in Science Preschool Program is supported by individual donations and sponsors. Donate to help us reach our outreach efforts.

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