For students in US schools, learning should not end because of summer break. This is the truth that parents must embrace to discover what STEM Lit (literacy) Project has to offer to ensure that students continue learning during the summer break period.

STEM-Lit Project  offers an interactive science program for early learners with a focus on literacy. Some of the hands on science activities include: farm to table concepts, conservation, environment, chemistry, gardening, and so much more. Select children’s books compliments the STEM focus learning activity. 

This summer’s theme was inspired by the book Seed Magic and we created hands on activities centered around gardening and how fruits and vegetables are harvested.

In Georgia, there is a high number of students reading below grade level, therefore learners are encouraged to read books that trigger critical thinking and analytical skills. Students also learn about careers in farming and agriculture thereby, intriguing these young individuals who might choose a career in that field.


STEM literacy has created learning activities integrating language arts, literacy, social studies, science, and math. Parents need to take advantage of STEM literacy opportunities for summer. Students can explore by asking questions through read-aloud and STEM activities. This summer, STEM literacy has successfully complimented the school system by engaging young students in recreational and learning activities so that when schools resume, the impact will be visible to fellow students. Teachers will realize the value that has been added to students outside the classroom.

STEM-Lit Project is a target initiative for Diversity In STEM Outreach Project  a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Ga that partners with Mayor’s Summer Reading Program and Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS).

The organization still longs for donors and sponsors to participate by supporting us in fulfilling our goals. 

Very few of our readers may have the opportunity to meet Niakesha Woodley, the founder of STEM literacy but her mission to encourage students to learn at an early age during the summer period reveals her passion. As a result, students are equipped to contribute to community and nation building. 

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Written by:

Gift Ogunwale

Georgia State University Senior

Journalism major (Public Relations concentration)

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