The Young Explorers in Science & Engineering Preschool Program is a four-week science and engineering enrichment program for early learners 3-6 to be a fun and engaging educational experience, hosted by Diversity in STEM Outreach Project, Inc a nonprofit based in Atlanta, GA. To learn more click here. Children approach the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Our responsibility is to support children’s natural instincts to learn. Studies continue to show early STEM skills lay the foundation for later success in school.

The Diversity in STEM Outreach Project, Inc understands that it is more critical today than ever before to develop leaders in innovation for the 21st century. Niakesha Woodley, Executive Director adds “to do this, we must encourage earlier exposure of students to basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math”. STEM based programs in the school system will become more essential than ever before as we continue to forecast future workforce demands. STEM curricula help students with critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and innovation which are all needed for economic and workforce sustainability. Children need to begin to build an understanding of basic concepts and how they connect and apply to the world in which they live as early as preschool.
The majority of schools in underrepresented communities lack funding for students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Therefore, it is imperative that schools seek partnerships from nonprofits, corporations, and agencies to help bridge the gap of STEM resources and opportunities.

The Young Explorers in Science & Engineering Preschool Program will provide opportunities for young learners to engage in science and engineering with our interactive hands-on curriculum focusing on science, environment, and engineering. Our program utilizes spatial reasoning and spatial language concepts to develop skills in critical thinking & problem solving. We will partner with preschool and pre-k providers to offer science and engineering enrichment activities to young girl explorers between the ages of 3-6. We have strategically decided to invest at the preschool level in an effort to close the gender gap in STEM education, explains Niakesha Woodley, Executive Director. Numerous studies show that early exposure to STEM has a positive impact across the entire spectrum of learning. We’re on a mission to encourage the curious young girls growing up in our nation to explore STEM fields. Help Fund this program learn how here.

Why preschoolers? By the time students enter middle and high school, most are lacking the foundational knowledge, critical reasoning, and reading skills necessary to absorb scientific content on a deeper level. Students are incredibly active learners at the preschool age and this is an opportunity to start building their foundation in STEM. Unfortunately, early science teaching is not a priority in most preschool classrooms and only 5 percent of classroom time in preschool involves STEM activities.

Our nonprofit was honored to have been nominated to attend United State of Women Summit in Washington, DC to address gender equality in STEM. We will continue to serve as a vital community partner in underrepresented communities of STEM career pathways through education and financial funding by creating high quality science learning programs for early learners.

Our goal is to reach 500 preschool girls annually. Will you consider contributing to this program initiative to help us ignite passion and interest in STEM subjects and careers for students and teachers- especially in underrepresented communities? Thank you for your generosity.

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