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Diversity In STEM Outreach Project has partnered with Children’s Museum of Atlanta to host a Family Free Day on Wednesday February 13th to allow access for every child an opportunity to explore the museum without cost being a factor.

We are very excited about this partnership because many of the children we serve and parents we support will experience exploring the museum for the very first time.

Family Free Day is presented by PNC Foundation & The Coca-Cola Foundation supported by CareSource.

What To Expect:

The Atlanta Children’s Museum is a place where curiosity is explored and adventures created. It is an interactive museum where science comes to life. One of our favorite destinations to explore with early learners. Here are some of our favorite pictures captured from our last visit:

During this visit, students learned out internal digestive system. Visuals are great for early learners.

Young learners get to touch, feel and explore. Science comes to life here.

Our nonprofit, will be a participating partner where you will get to visit our themed Maker station filled with interactive activities for early learners. Our focus will be on “Everyday STEM at Home” helping parents build on STEM skills at home as it become a part of their day to day lifestyle.

Parents will learn how they can build on important skills STEM offers. For example, parents can teach literacy, directional skills and early math skills when preparing pancakes together at home with their child. Or, visit to your local farmer’s market or grocery store can be a fun way for students to see vibrant colors from fruits and vegetable and farm to table concepts. Learning doesn’t just happen at school it should happen at home too. Parents can play an important role in the development of their child’s educational experience.

We will also feature books to help parents celebrate literacy at home. We will show parents how to merge books and create fun literacy & math skills that’s fun and engaging for early learners. It will also increase a positive parent child engagement. The more time invested in each other will build a stronger relationship.

In order to guarantee entrance, families must pre-register on line for Session 1, 2, or 3 of Family Free Day. To ensure every family has an opportunity to take part in this experience Families MAY NOT register for multiple sessions.

Visit Children’s Museum of Atlanta for registration details. Tickets will not be released until 24 hours prior to the event.

Session 1: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Session 2: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Session 3: 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Please be sure to arrive on time. Due to the number of families participating, you will only be allowed entrance during your time block.

1 adult for every 5 children is required. To learn more about Family Free Day FAQs click here

Here are past STEM – Literacy Project Photos. Help us continue our outreach efforts by donating to our 501(c)(3) here.

After reading a book about fish, we creating a fishing game using sight words for a prek class. The students really enjoyed using a magnetic fishing hook we made in our imaginary pond. Early learners love creative play.
During our literacy read alouds students are always given an opportunity to share what they enjoyed most about the book. We like to build students’ confidence in public speaking.
After reading a featured book to our prek friends, we created a Let’s Go Fishing game that included words inside the book to help students build on their literacy skills. Recall/recognition is essential for early learners.
Talking patters. We created a fun hands on activity after reading a book that explored colors to a group of early learnings.
Helping early learners identify shapes and letters using kinetic sand and common items you can find at home such as these cookie cutters. Our 3 & 4 year old friends enjoyed the featured books on letter recognition and using their hands afterwards in a fun activity.

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