On Saturday May 21,2016,  I had the opportunity with my family to attend Architecture Design and Build Family Event hosted by JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum & Gym located at Mercer University.


The girls enjoyed following the footprints that lead into the design room for the event. A very creative touch from just the ordinary arrow signage.


The National Association of Architects Atlanta chapter served as mentors at this event.

Students were able to pair with architects and design professionals to brainstorm on a design collaboratively. They learned the fundamentals of design and how important the planning phase is in architecture.



Attendees also were able to see a real blue print of an active plan from one of the architects that brought hers to display.


Diversity in STEM Outreach Project is a nonprofit that support outreach initiatives to increase exposure in underrepresented communities. We often share opportunities to our network and supporters.

Some of the designs the students presented were quite impressive. Some of the designs include: a bridge, a mall, a fire station, just to name a few.


Taylor designed a Mall with her mentor


Morgan designed a bridge with her mentor. This was her first time doing this and loved it.

Morgan's finished bridge design along with her architect mentor

Morgan’s finished bridge design along with her architect mentor

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Some of the designs from attendees

Some of the designs from attendees

STEM exposure is so important during the early years to help prepare for 21st century leaders in innovation. We believe STEM is everywhere. Our children have such natural talents if we just simply expose them to amazing opportunities. You will never know when you will spark that interest in that child.

This event was a free event with plans for another in September of this year.

After all of the attendees completed their designs, they presented it to the group and explained what did they like most about their participation.


Presentation of finished designs.

Presentation of finished designs.

During the event, our Executive Director had an opportunity to meet with JJ’s Playhouse Founder Yunice. She shared her vision for launching children’s museum was to create a positive and interactive learning exhibits to stimulate a child’s mind, body, and spirit.

Executive Director Niakesha with Founder of JJ's Playhouse Children's Museum

Executive Director Niakesha with Founder of JJ’s Playhouse Children’s Museum

To learn more about the amazing work this organization is doing in the community and to donate to her nonprofit visit www.JJSplayhouse.org

Let’s continue to expose science, technology, engineering, math to our children. Let’s encourage creativity and support great programming efforts in the community.

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